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Don Bulmer

IBM is a gold standard among industries for its approach in marketing and communications..and Jon Iwata has done an amazing job in helping the company to reach that point. very innovative thinker and leader...

Kathy Klotz-Guest

Interesting video. Jon is right that there is no longer this disconnect between who the company is and who it "says" it is. As Jon mentions, having someone to represent values as part of the larger "constituent" conversation strategy team is right on the money. All communications should be viewed through the lens of organizational values. That's what it means to be a truly "social" organization.

Organizations will need to do some cultural innovation to support a social "every company is a publishing company" model. This means innovation in systems, communications, process and a way of viewing inside-out values diffusion. Who you are internally must be who you are externally. The transparency is already there; and all credible storytelling is a function of who they are, not just who they say there are.

And, since every company must be a storytelling company, organizations must embrace inside-out storytelling (http://kathyklotzguest.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/inside-out-storytelling-penguins-and-elephants/). Stories are an extension of values, and organizations, communities and marketplaces are porous. How companies define themselves internally permeates all aspects of "external" social storytelling. That Berlin wall is gone; as Jon says, the tree and shadow are now one.

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Jon Iwata has done an amazing job in helping the company to reach that point.

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You have to see this: IBM's Jon Iwata "Every company is a publisher..." ?

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